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If I'm being completely honest, I rarely make sense. But, in a serious world, someone has to be silly.



the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever

Best thing ever

Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sometimes the only thing between you and them is the mask and cape. - Batman: Streets of Gotham Vol 1 #8 

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jason “let me steal my brother’s exes and best friend” todd

"I thought I could give him a reason to turn his life around. I wanted what any father wants for his son. Hope. Happiness. A future of never wanting or regretting something he could never have again. I just went about it the wrong way. I allowed him to have hope—and it killed him.”

Bruce lamenting the death of Jason.


So I listened to the wicked soundtrack for the first time in forever, and thought - batfam? Heartbreak? OKAY.

Way too often do I come up with a scenario in my head and spend the rest of the day thinking of what it would be like to live out said scenario. 




I still laugh at this every single time I see it.