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If I'm being completely honest, I rarely make sense. But, in a serious world, someone has to be silly.


not all monsters do monstrous things.


What about you? From what I’ve heard, your childhood wasn’t a lot of fun either

I just saw a spider on my bed so I texted my boyfriend because I can’t find it and I needed moral support, but then I remembered the last time he saw a spider in his room he wouldn’t sleep in there for three days. So his words of wisdom to me were, “You’re gonna die. Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone you fought valiantly.”


LOL I love when Stiles is a smartass


Don’t Hate, Coach…don’t hate.


That SMILE though

When I was little, my dad was lifting me and stuck my head in the ceiling fan by mistake. And to this day I wonder how he didn’t notice how close I was to it when he lifted me into the air and also how slow his reflexes must have been because he allowed three blades to hit me before he finally realized the mistake he had made and pulled me down.


Liam Dunbar | Hall of Fame

Idk if someone(The vidder) already put it on tumblr but just in case I did because she is feraking talented! The effect are amazing, the scene with the lyrics are sometime really funny! Just watch it!

Obviously, I didn’t make this materpiece!